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As I'm not bad at woodwork, I decided to do my own first modular rack. The once available commercially are usually quite expensive. So I've downloaded SketchUp, a simple 3D designer, started with my first draft and soon had something finished which fit my needs.

case simple wo-edges

At our local market I bought all the pieces needed and started working on my rack. Here are a few steps. At the bottom you can find all the details in case you would like to build it yourself.

3Urack 0013Urack 0063Urack 0053Urack 0083Urack 0123Urack 0153Urack 0193Urack 0253Urack 0333Urack 0383Urack 0393Urack 042

3Urack 043


Technical details & bill of materials

Order these boards at your local store:

451mm x 172mm (TOP) (x1)

451mm x 80mm (FRONT) (x1)

427mm x 387mm (BOTTOM) (x1)

427mm x 307mm (BACK) (x1)

398mm x 307mm (SIDES) (x2)

The thickness of the wood I calculated in this design is 12mm!!

And, I used Plywood because I love the look of this material, but anyone is of course free to use any other wood.

3U final measurements

3U final measurements back-bottom

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