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This is probably not a real module but an extension. I call it the Minibrute patch extension for Eurorack. I love Minibrute and use it a lot, but for free and easy patching, it's a nightmare. So I've came up with this idea. As the name implies, it does only extend the inputs and outputs to my Eurorack.

As there are meanwhile some nice mods for Minibrute, I've added the LFO output from Minibrute to the module too. The mod for Minibrute is perfectly explained by Fluxwithit.com. Here you can watch the video.

And, as a second mod, which I really do recommend is the SequencerMod. As Minibrute has only its arpeggiator, you can simply change it to a real sequencer. It's basically the same as Minibrute SE has. Just send some Sysex code to Minibrute and you're done. Here you find all details.

And now you can watch the video for the Minibrute patch extension and an image ist right below:


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