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As this is my first ever module built for Eurorack, it's as simple as it looks. Cascaded means that if there is no input signal connected to input nr. 2, 3 or 4 (black lines), this signal is multiplied on all the other 12 outputs. As soon as you connect an input signal to let's say input nr. 3, the chain is broken and the new signal will be multiplied to output 7 - 12.

For a future project I will create a buffered mult, cause these mults can only be used for gates, envelopes or other pulses without the voltage drop effect.



EDIT October 2016: I've luckily met a guy who does laser cutting. He now makes the front panels for me which I design. This is v2. I named the manufacturer after my new online project modmeet (Modmeat).

IMG 20161008 134032

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